ESR Premium: Result Fields


By this plugin, you can add extra fields under result window. You can add fields under Subject section ie: beside Marks Obtained, or under Result section, ie: beside Total Marks Obtained section. Existing ESR Premium plugins are 100% compatible with this plugin.


Easy Student Results : Result Fields Plugin is an AddOns for Easy Student Results plugin found on WordPress plugin directory.

By installing Easy Student Results : Result Fields plugin, admin can add extra fields under result window.

Added two new fields by default if you are using Result Fields Plugin. Use highest_marks:Highest Marks, class_position:Class Position in Result Section or Student Section under Student Results –> Settings –> Shortcode Result


You need to install Easy Student Results plugin version 1.9 or later to use this plugin.


After purchasing, download this plugin from My Account page. Install and activate this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. After installing this pluign, you need to activate license for this plugin. An activation code / license key is sent to your email address after you purchased this plugin. If you lost your activation code / license key, you can recover it from Lost License Page. Goto Student Results –> Settings –> License –> ESR Premium: Result Fields section. Put license key in License Key field and email you’ve used to purchase this plugin in Email field. Click Save Changes button.

ESR Premium: Result Fields Plugin License Window

Admin Settings

Add New Result Fields

Goto Student Results –> Result Fields –> Add New of your WordPress admin panel.

ESR Premium: Result Fields Add New Window
  1. Field ID: Enter a unique field id here. Use only lower case letters and underscore. You will use this field id in result shortcode. For example: marks_1, remarks etc. You can’t use existing result fields or subject fields or student fields.
  2. Field Name: Enter field name here. This name will be displayed in marks entry window.
  3. Field Type: Select field type here. Available field types are Text and Select. If you’ve selected field type as Text, in marks entry window, you’ll see a text box and if you selected field type as Select, you’ll see a select box.
  4. Option for Select Field: If you selected Select as field type, you’ve to specify select options here. Enter select options separated by comma (,). Example Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
  5. Field Section: Here you’ve to select which section you want to show this field on. Available sections are Subject and Result. If you select Subject field, this field will be displayed on right next to the subject marks entry window, ie: after Grade Point field. And if you selected Result, this field will be displayed under Result section ie: after CGPA field.
    Result Field on Subject Section

    Result Field on Result Section
  6. Active: If you selected active, This field will be displayed on Marks Entry form, otherwise this field will be hidden.
  7. Click Add New Exam button to add this field.

Result Shortcode Settings

In order to display the Results Fields in frontend, you’ve to add those fields under corresponding section under Student Results –> Settings –> Shortcode Result

ESR Premium – Result Fields : Shortcode Result Settings
ESR Premium – Result Fields : Frontend Example


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